Should We Let Students Use Phones In School?

Some people believe that students shouldn’t be allowed to use phones in school,but I come with the truth. People think phones should be banned from school but back then when people used to pass papers the papers never got banned,and  they never banned paper so why should we ban cell phones? From my point of view phones are like a tool you can use when you need it and if a student needed help on something in school they could look on their cell phones to help them,but teachers and parents don’t think that they think that the cellphones are being used as a toy.

For example there is a test at school and a student needs help on a question and he/she  does not understand he/she is capable of using his/her phone that is in there pocket but phones are not allowed in schools and now he/she is going to get a bad grade on something where that could’ve been answered on a phone who has the knowledge of a god.This example supports how cell phones should be allowed in school because it is telling you that some students don’t get a lot of questions right in school and that they need help once in a while.

Results of a survey by some schools 73% have already banned cell phones for using them for assignments in class,which I am against because I personally think  that it is a great idea to use your phone when needed because parents don’t like hearing their children getting bad reports on their assignments and if we don’t like hearing bad things from our kids then teachers should start stepping up by letting their students use their phones with stuff they need help with.

In conclusion if we want our students to be happy and wanting them to come to school, sometimes we need to give them what they want when needed for help.We also need to stop being so strict which goes for teachers because teachers should know that sometimes  the work they give can be struggling,So please make a great decision in letting students use cell phones in school.

5 thoughts on “Should We Let Students Use Phones In School?

  1. I really liked the part when you said that 73% of schools have already banned cell phones.Like you said kids get bad grades for tests for that stuff.You should put in, but they shouldn’t during a big test.

  2. This is a great argument, but I noticed that a few of your sentences were super long. Also there were some grammar errors, like when you said “…using his/her phone that is in there pocket…” The there should be their. Otherwise, great paper!

  3. I really liked your blog. Even though I disagree it made me think about the other side. The only reason I disagree is because not every kid has a cellphone they can use all the time, making it unfair. Even though I disagree overall your blog was good. Great job!

  4. I really liked the blog, you had a very good claim. I did notice that your paper didn’t get banned example was a little confusing and wordy. Otherwise, the links really convinced me that cell phone use in schools is a benefit. 🙂

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