Banning Cell Phones? Seriously?

According to, “ Cell phones could increase cheating.  If a student decides to bring his or her cell phone to school, there is a possibility that they would use it in class while no one knows.” I disagree, and I think that cell phones can save many lives, help kids with their studies, and help them understand and get a better education if used in the right way. In other words, students need to be taught when to study and when they can use their phones or other electronics for games. This makes sense because kids need to know what to do and what not to do. We can do them with the use of cellphones. This is logical  because, for example, parents need to where their kids are and cell phones are the perfect example. They do not help kids cheat in classes or help them talk to their friends by texting in class. They do help parent know where their kids are and they help kids study.

Imagine if your child came home from school and you asked  what they learned and they said “ I don’t know, the teacher wasn’t clear enough.” Obviously that is bad for your kid because their education is important to them. If they do not get their proper education,their future can be affected by that.  If they had allowed cell phones in class, then their education score would rise and it would help their future.

In a survey sponsored “  Mobile phones can cause a distraction in education. They can disturb teachers and students. For example, if you were working hard on a piece of work, concentrating hard, and a person’s phone rings, it disrupts the whole class. You may become side-tracked or the teacher may be interrupted during speaking to the class.This teaching would be constantly disrupted if this kept happening.”

It might appear that cell phones can disturb class but my evidence shows that cell phones can help students rather than  disruptive. Also, this evidence shows that cell phones can help students in class but there is a simple solution which is to put their cell phones in a bucket or somewhere. This evidence that says that cell phones should not be allowed in classes because of the disruption that it will cause but if that class structure is structure in the right way then they will not use their cellphones in a bad or disruptive way.

Imagine if your daughter/son was in a school shooting and she/ he did not what to do. They could not call for help because they did not have a cell phone. Now imagine where your daughter/son had a cell phone, they quickly can call for help and they can save many lives. According to “This makes great sense to me. After all 9/11 changed everything for most Americans. Shootings in schools and snipers who shoot just for the heck of it add to the overarching worry about terrorist attacks. Knowing that your child can call you and that you can call them is a small reassurance which all parents have the right to expect.” This proves that cellphones are convenient to classrooms because there are more schools shootings and if kids had their cell phones then they can call 911 or their parents quickly rather than sitting there and watching it all happen.

According to Russell A. Sabella the Professor of Counseling in the College of Education and President of Sabella and Associates says “Many parents also feel relieved to know that their children have easy access to them and to emergency personnel if needed. For instance, a cell phone is especially convenient for kids who participate in after school activities such as sports or clubs.If the activity ends early or late, or has been canceled, kids can call their parents to let them know about the changes. Kids can also call their parents to ask for permission should last-minute changes in their plans occur. Some parents even use their children’s cell phones as tracking devices that allow them to identify their child’s location at any time which would certainly come in handy in the event of a kidnapping or lost child.1 From a parent’s perspective, these are all good reasons to supply our children with cell phones. ” This proves that cellphones can help worried parents when there is accident involving their child in school. Their kids can call their parents fast and easy with the help of their cell phones. They will feel safe when they know that someone or something is coming to help. Also, when they have their cell phones they can save many peoples lives by simpling calling for help.

According to  LovetoKnow ,“ Students who have a smartphone can use various application that are designed to assist in learning and designed just for students. Many of these smartphones have programs that are similar to what is found in a laptop or desktop computer. Being able to quickly look up facts on the internet is possible on many phones. If a student needs assistance with class work and does not have access to a computer, a smartphone can be used in a snap.” In other words, kids can use their cell phones for learning because there are many kids that don’t understand what the paper or teacher is trying so say. So, they can look on their phone and understand it better.

To conclude, cell phones are convenient and help many kids. According to Russell A.  Sabella, a Professor of Counseling in the College of Education and President of Sabella & Associates, says “Parents who allow their children to have cell phones feel secure that they too can contact their sons and daughters at a moment’s to make.” We can let students keep their phone in their house and what if there was a school shooting and nobody had their phone to call for help. Or we can let students have phone in their pocket or some where that allows them to call for help. They do help kids now what is the right time to play,talk or text with their friends and study . They do not help kids cheat and they also would not help them text their friends during class. They do help kids in a bad or dangerous situation call for help.They do not help kids get out of their studies. Now we have a choice to make which is either letting students have cell phones in classes or  schools and allow them to use it for studying. Also, we can allow them to have cell phones and in emergency situations call for help. Or we can not allow them to have their cell phones and  the kids will not understand what the teacher is trying to say. I think the wise choice to allow kids to have cell phones in class or school to help them not to let them cheat for test or to text a friend while they are in class.